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WB Toyokuni Kunisada Japanese Woodblock Prints Antique Meiji Ukiyo-e Sea Kabuki

Title Three Sushi no Tsunayoshi Kawarazaki Gonjuro Kawagoe Matsujiro. Author Toyokuni III (Kunisada). Size 25.5 x 37 cm. He was a student of Toyokuni I, and his works were called Ukiyo-e. Some of his painting titles include Ichiyousai, Gototei, Getsuharou, Kotoraisya, and Kachorou. He was a student of Toyokuni I and took over Toyokuni’s name in 1844. He is known as “Kunisada of Yakusha-e” for his paintings of actors that convey the excitement of the stage. In his portrayals of beautiful women, he painted stylish, glamorous, hunchbacked, boar-necked beauties that reflected the tastes of the times, and his popularity is symbolized by the overwhelming volume of his work.
Japanese Woodblock Print Kiyochika the Ayase River Original Woodcut Print

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Kawase Hasui Japanese Woodblock Print Ushibori evening twilight

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