WB Toyokuni Kunisada Japanese Woodblock Prints Antique Meiji Ukiyo-e Sea Kabuki

Title Three Sushi no Tsunayoshi Kawarazaki Gonjuro Kawagoe Matsujiro. Author Toyokuni III (Kunisada). Size 25.5 x 37 cm. He was a student of Toyokuni I, and his works were called Ukiyo-e. Some of his painting titles include Ichiyousai, Gototei, Getsuharou, Kotoraisya, and Kachorou. He was a student of Toyokuni I and took over Toyokuni’s name in 1844. He is known as “Kunisada of Yakusha-e” for his paintings of actors that convey the excitement of the stage. In his portrayals of beautiful women, he painted stylish, glamorous, hunchbacked, boar-necked beauties that reflected the tastes of the times, and his popularity is symbolized by the overwhelming volume of his work.